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It's good to hear from you but I'm sorry you've been so ill. Lovely ripples - I love your Dad's afghan!


you're back! but i'm so sorry that you've been so sick.

the afghan looks great!

i'm glad you pop in every now and again to let us know how you're doing.


I am so happy to hear from you! The afghans look great.


Hang in there! Hope you're able to get some weight on and pain gone soon! Both of those stink, together, ugh!

The afghans look great. The good thing about baby blankies is that they go fast! I think it's great that you're making it for a new friend. I received a baby quilt when my daughter was little from a remote friend, and every time I used it I thought of her. We soon became much closer.

Thanks for checking in, let me know if you need a care package of yarn or pizza or brownies sent to the hospital. I'd love to do it! Ravel or email with details and it'll be on its way.
(KnittingVirgin on ravelry)

A Friend

To those of you who might come across this blog.

Jenn, aka Findingher lost her battle with CF on Feb 6.

Here family is obviously realing and would no doubt appreciate your thoughts & prayers.

a cf friend.


to jenn's family. i'm so sorry for your loss. and so saddened that someone so young had to suffer so much. even though i never met her in person, i thought about her often. i will miss her.

i wish you strength in this difficult time.


Jenn was an amazing friend. Always proud of her CF friends who were doing well and asking us to pray for those who were struggling. She was funny, wicked smart and a joy to know. I love her and will miss her greatly.

I hope her mom, dad and sister know how much she loves them and how much they mean to her. The little dog with the sweaters, too.

Mr. Andrew, you made her happy beyond words. Her home was with you and the kitties. All she wanted was to be with you.

I am so sorry that she is gone, but I am thankful that she is no longer fighting for every breath.



My thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm also praying for Jenn but, somehow, I don't think she'll need them as I can't imagine her having gone anywhere but straight into the arms of God. The world was very lucky to have had her.

carrie m

To Jenn's friends and family,
I'm so so sad to hear this horrible news. Even though we never met, I knew her online for several years and always prayed for her recovery. She was creative, talented, kind and, above all, BRAVE. Please know that she is in our hearts.


To Jenn's friends and family,

You are all in my prayers. Jenn was a wonderful person, and I was always inspired by her strength even though I never met her in person. She will be missed.

Stacie (FaeryCrafty)


To Jenn's friends and family, she was such an inspiring woman. I am a mom of a young boy with CF and Jenn always had good info and supportive words for me. I enjoyed her posts, her love of life showed through so well here.

God bless,


i'm so sorry to hear this, as i've just found her today and was absolutely delighted (am delighted) with her posts and patterns! even in her absence she is still contributing and delighting those that read her. i am making her dad's afghan for a friend...


I'm so sorry to read this, she seemed like such a lovely person.


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