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hey, glad you're back. i was a little worried.

liesl looks great.


Gorgeous Liesel scarf.


Ok...the scarf is great...but the KITTIES....there are no words to express how freaking adorable they are.


The scarf turned out great! what a happy mom!


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww cute kitties! The scarf is beautiful! I love the color :)


That is a beautiful scarf and very cute cats.


I love that scarf! I've seen a few versions of it popping up on blogs and I'm starting to think I may need to knit it myself!


So, so pretty! I have that pattern too - I definitely want to make one now!

carrie m

the scarf is lovely! your mom must have been thrilled.


the scarf looks great! i love the pattern. that would have been a great pattern for my leafy theme that seems to be going on lately!

Heather T.

That scarf is stunning! You did a great job. What a great gift!


So happy to see you back.

Your mom's scarf looks great and she looks very pleased!

Lighthouse socks, that's an impressive pattern. Looking forward to seeing those progress.


Wow, it looks great. Nice work. Your mom looks really happy in it!

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