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I love Aspen and think it will make a great hat. Clapotis is sure to warm you up.


Hi! Glad you are doing better. I love your green cabled scarf! Also, where do you get Mystical Creations yarn? The colorways are beautiful.

Wish I had some ideas for your Vegas trip, but I've never been. I have seen Oceans 11, though, which I highly recommend watching to get you psyched for your trip. Cheers-


I don't know if I could put all of my Vegas suggestions in one comment- I have been there at least 7 times (and was married there), though, so please e-mail me and I can give you tons of tips. One bummer- they don't decorate for Christmas. It is spectacular, though, despite the lack of decorations.


Definitely check out the inside of the Bellagio. The Christmas decorations in the conservatory is amazing.


I think I'll be in Vegas the week before that for the National Finals Rodeo - should be a good time. Yummy yarn and your projects look great. Glad you're feeling better.

carrie m

that sounds like a fantastic trip. and what a wonderful surprise package! hope you can go back to normal life really soon.

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