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Cute bag! :)


The wedding looked like a lot of fun! What a cute bag you got there. I love it when I see people out crochet or knitting and striking up conversations about it. Too much fun. Bet the scarf will be pretty when it is done. . . keep it up.


Looks like a good party despite the rain. They say it's good luck when it rains on your wedding day. I wonder what kind of luck that much rain will bring you. Cute bag.


what a gorgeous couple! you can tell that they are very much in love even though the thunderclouds were present on their day. lovely photos.

Bookish Wendy

That bag is so cute!


Before I read that someone asked you about the hat, I thought how cute we get to wear our creations now that it is getting cold. We plan/planned to go apple picking too. Every weekend it raining!!! I hope next weekend is a little better. Love the wedding photos. You and Andy look like your having fun.

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