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You poor thing! Glad to hear you are feeling better now at least. The scarf is very pretty. I'm sure it will be nice and warm. Your kitty is adorable too. :) It must be the weather, Simba is doing this layed out on her back thing a lot lately too!


i hope you are feeling better now. take it easy and look after yourself ... but i am sure you already know that.

i am quite envious of the strawberry shortcake lorna's you have. i didn't even know it exsisted. in fact i quickly googled it when i saw your post and cannot see it anywhere! it looks divine.


So sorry to hear you are sick! Hope you are on the mend. Looks like you have lots of knitting to keep you busy - you do so much holiday knitting! Also, I have never seen that Lorna's Laces Strawberry Stripe. V. pretty! Take care -


Yikes. Feel better soon - I love the scarf progress. Good luck w/ the pain meds.


Lost your blog for a while - glad to have found you again. Hope you're feeling better now. The cabley scarf looks good - it's going to be a lovely gift. Such pretty sock yarns, no wonder you can't wait to knit them up. Take good care of yourself!


I hope you are feeling better! Lovely new stash acquisitions!

carrie m

i'm so sorry that you've been this sick! i can't imagine going through that. i hope you are better soon!


Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you had a really tough time.

I'm very jealous of you new swift. I've been hinting to my husband that I'd love one for Christmas!

Hoping you'll continue to get better and better!


Glad to hear you're on the mend!

I am drooooling over your pile 'o sock yarn! hee hee


Eek! I hope you feel better soon. Sock yarn certainly helps... Mmmmm...sock yarn...


I hope you are feeling better soon. All that "knitterly" mail should help. Morphine is sneaky evil, it really doesn't help the pain, but you are so looped you don't notice - plus it makes you THINK your knitting is superb. Then you get back to normal and freak out at what you did to your knitting.


I'm lovin the blog! Your knits are just fabulous, I'm enjoying scrolling through your entries and photos. So sad you're a sicky though. Hope you're feeling better soon.


I'm sorry to hear you're stuck in the hospital again! Hope you feel better soon and that those germs stop hassling you!

Chloe is too cute, pointing at the camera like that :)

Bookish Wendy

Look at the new digs over here! I'm sorry to hear that you've been under the weather. We're pulling for you. And the morphine?! Goodness, I can barely knit when I'm sober!


I am so sorry you have been having such a rough time of it!! Are you home yet? Please know I'm thinking about you and hope you're doing better.

Take care of you!!

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