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i'm sorry that you're disappointed. but i hear you on the puff sleeves. didn't like the look in the 80's either. however, even with your cold, you look great in that color.


I like the jacket and the scarf, but maybe not together. Not enough contrast to make either shine. I think you look great, even without make-up - some people just don't need it!


I think you'll love very chic picking apples.
I just wanted to say that if that is how you look when you're sick I'd hate to see you healthy and made up. You're so pretty. I didn't see shiny face or undone hair. I saw a very pretty girl.


Get yourself a chocolate brown turtleneck to wear under the jacket and with the scarf... it'll look perfect together, and great with your coloring.


I agree with you on colors online, but really there isn't a good way to gauge, unless you order yarn samples. :-( Maybe you can think of the scarf as your first hand dyeing experiment? Or, like Kathy said, wear a strong contrasting color underneath...

Puffy sleeves! What was ON thinking? Can you take it someplace and have them alter it?

carrie m

maybe the jacket is too big for you? you look very skinny. i agree with the other posters -- maybe they are destined to be worn seperately. i don't see flaws in the scarf!


I think the scarf looks quite nice. I have a jacket similar to that--but I have to say yours looks better on you than mine down on me! :)


I love the 'look.' You did good. I know i'm alllll the way in Los Angeles, but I think I caught your bad cold :<


Your scarf turned out GREEEAT!

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