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Wow Wow Wow! So much lovliness! Lucky Jenn! ;)


what lovely yarns. i am really envious because knitpicks wont deliver to australia.

have you had a close look at that rebecca pattern. like you i have been in lust with it for an age now - but i couldnt even read through the pattern without getting confused. would love to know your thoughts.


Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I posted a comment on your other site before I found this one, so if you got it too, don't mind me. Haha! I saw the pic of your parents puppy and I about died! Not to mention that she has my name, she also looks identical to the Shiz Tzu that I own. I am going to post a pic of him on my website, if you want to check it out. He will be on my mom's page. He was her little buddy. Love your sites. Thanks!


Wow - you have quite an ambitious list of project there! I am impressed that you are already so focused on holiday knitting. Thanks for the comments on my Soleil! I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I agree with a lot of your thoughts on the new Knitty - Blackberry is prob. my favorite - but the bulkiness might turn me into hulk-iness, I'm afraid. Cheers-


The afghan is just beautiful. I am sure the newlyweds will love it! And what a Christmas list ya got there...all beautiful projects. Can't wait to see them :)


i'm impressed and kind of scared at your planning skillz. i bought the exact same sock yarn to make the o'socks too! i already made myself a pair and really enjoyed the pattern, so i am sizing up the pattern to make a pair for my boyfriend for xmas.

boy spank doctor

Doesn`t matter what you say, but how...!! But you said it well

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