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An avid crafter, with a rabid love for yarn and what it might become.


Im a 25 year old living in New England. I love the change of the seasons, with fall's changing leaves, winter's ice and snow, spring's green, and summer's heat. I live with my boyfriend, Andy, and our cat, Chloe. I knit and crochet to be creative, to feel accomplished, and frankly, to say I did more last night than watch tv. Most of the things I knit end up being gifts, and I'm lucky that I have family and friends who appreciate it.

Also close to my heart, is organ donation awareness (two of my best friends have had double lung transplants) and I believe it's a very important cause. I also believe strongly in educating people on cystic fibrosis (to learn more, visit ), as I have the disease, and so do the two friends with organ transplants.


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